How to Buy the Best Vest, Life Jackets and Coats for Your Dog

Buying pet apparels like fancy dresses and accessories are fun affairs. However, while
shopping for safety items like vests, life jackets or coats one needs to be more careful
and informed to make the right choice.
Life jackets and vests are important for floatation and are great for dogs who love to
swim. A variety of vests and life jackets for pet dogs are now available in the market that
come in different sizes and shapes. Moreover, some of them are also packed with
features like bright colors and reflective strips for high visibility. Others also have
adjustable straps and comfortable neck closures. Not to mention, the high-performance
life jackets that can be used on the land as well. They have grab handles for easy rescue
during all kinds of water adventures. They also help your dog keep its head above water
and provide great support. 
Why Does Your Dog Need a Dog Life Jacket?
Does your dog love the waters? Do you love to take your pet dog along while you go for
a dip in the pool or go vacationing at the beach, or go boating and kayaking? It is
undoubtedly a great way to spend some good time together. However, to make the
adventures safe and secured for both yourself and your dog, you will need to carry all
safety gears. Packing a life jacket for your dog is a must while going for water
adventures. It can help you prevent accidents and injuries.
Here are some of the key reasons for buying a dog’s life jacket –
· Swimming capabilities among dogs greatly vary across breeds. Health conditions and
buoyancy of the body also determine the swimming capabilities in dogs. Hence, your pet
dog may need some help while swimming. This is what makes life jackets an essential
safety item for any dog going for swimming.
· Life jackets come with a supportive belly closure. Not wearing one may be risky as
most dogs can get tired while swimming and may get drowned. It is important to know
that even the ace swimmer dogs can get tired.
· Then there are chances of accidents when swimming in the deep waters; for instance, a
sudden seizure while swimming. If not wearing a life jacket, accidents like these can be
life threatening for the dog.
· There could also be hidden dangers like underwater debris or tree branches. This may
lead to serious injury to your dog while swimming. Not wearing a life jacket could mean
a grave risk in such situations.
· Even the dogs with very thick coats can get hypothermia while swimming in cold
waters. Life jackets are a must to keep them warm and safe from this serious health
While shopping for vests and life jackets you might get overwhelmed with the sheer
variety of options. To make your life easy here are some of the options to choose from –

 To begin with, make sure that the material is compatible for both water and land.
Also ensure that the neck closure helps the dog keep its head above water.
Besides, the belly closure has to properly support the dog’s chest and stomach.
Moreover, check that the belly closure strap can be adjusted and works for dogs
of all shapes and sizes.
 There is a type of life jacket available in the market that is designed for pet dogs
that are just learning to swim. These jackets come with side panels that offer
necessary buoyancy and warmth while your dog goes swimming on chilly days.
 At times pet parents find it difficult to get the right size of their dog’s life jacket.
In such cases, the best way is to buy the one that matches the measurement of
the dog’s girth. Besides, size charts are also available at the pet stores. These
charts can be greatly helpful in referring and selecting the right fit. While buying
a life jacket it is also important to consider the size of the dog’s shoulders, torso,
and chest.
Never forget to take a life jacket for your dog while going to a pool, beach or lake. If you
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Does your dog need coats during winter?
Protective winter clothing is not a must or an essential item for all pet dogs even when
they are out in the cold weather. As a natural phenomenon, most dogs have natural fur
which acts as protection and is enough to keep them warm in winter or in cold weather
conditions. However, if you think you need to buy sweaters or coats for your dog,
consider the following points.

  1. Puppies and small dogs often find it difficult to retain body heat when outside during
    severe cold weather. Also, the breeds that have short hair or those that originate from
    tropical climates, have the same problem. Buying warm winter clothing like that of a
    coat may be a good idea for these pet dogs.
  2. Breeds like Pomeranian, Chow Chow, Husky and Great Pyrenees have heavy furs and
    may not need extra protection in the form of coats or woolens. However, do consult
    your vet to make an informed choice.
  3. The temperature of the place you live and the duration for which your pet dog will
    stay outside are also important facts to consider while deciding on buying winter
    clothes for the dog. In case the temperature is above 45 degrees dogs would not need
    extra protection. Warm and extra protective clothing will only be necessary for a dog
    when it is exposed to extremely cold conditions, that too if it is outside for more than 10
    minutes. That said, dogs must not wear woolen or warm clothes when they are indoors.
    This is because the extra layer might cause chafing and irritation on the skin of your pet.
    Mull over the points carefully and then take a call on whether your dog needs a coat or
    not. In order to be doubly sure, you can consult your vet.

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