Toys for Cats: Everything You Need to Know

If you have found your cat getting increasingly bored, inert and growing distant, then toys may just be the answer to your woes.

Vets from all over the world have made note of patients who have turned up with psychological problems in their pet cats and more often than not the root cause is diagnosed as a lack of physical activity and engagement.

Cats are hunters by their very nature. Even though domesticated cats may seem fond of sleeping, they are actually physically quite inclined towards playful activities which help improve their mental and physical health and keep a check on body weight. With the right kind and variety of toys, cats can prove to be incredibly fun-loving and active. In fact, playtime is certifiably the most effective method in developing strong bonds between the pet and the human beings it is living with.

Moreover, playtime nurtures an instinct that is inherent in all animals. It will help your cat engage more with you as well as adapt and familiarise with the new environment more quickly.

Here are some of the best toys that you can give your cat:

  1. You may have often found your cat scaling up the side of your sofa, mounting up your leg or even hanging off your curtains. This is because cats are natural climbers. Wall or window installations, cat trees, faux trees, scratching posts or even wall hammocks will enable your cat to climb as and when it desires and in turn, protect your furniture!
  2. A helpful tip for the next time you receive any online delivery: store a couple of your cardboard boxes! Cats love to spot hiding places and make themselves comfortable in them. Additionally, you can purchase toy tunnels, small tents, foldable cloth tubes or any kind of toy boxes.
  3. Cat puzzles can be very fun for both you and your cat! They can help tickle your cat’s mind and you may increase the incentive by keeping a treat as a reward. You may assist your cat by urging them on and providing hints or guidance. In fact, this particular activity will enhance your cat’s attention, focus and cognitive abilities.
  4. It is important to keep your pet engrossed while you are working, or busy with something. In such cases toys like plastic balls, soft toy fish or soft toy mice or feather toys will keep your cat happily indulged for a long time. Chase toys like the ones mentioned can be handled and played with by your cat on their own and thereby will be greatly beneficial when you are outside or busy for a considerable period of time.
  5. Once you’re back home and can dedicate 15-20 minutes to playtime, teasers, wands and laser pointers will be of great help. They don’t require much physical activity on your part but will help your cat chase, move and run around as well as be stimulated mentally. Chasing is an activity that is inherent in cats and will hone their natural instincts and behavioural patterns.
  6. Catnip is a classic and almost essential toy to get for your cat. This a quieter and more simple activity for your cat, for when they are tired out, while still being exciting and enjoyable. However, ensure that the catnip is well maintained and preserved effectively.

Cats are curious, possessive and independent creatures. Toys will help bring out their friendly and lively side – but this is only possible if they truly take to the play-stuff that they are presented with. Before buying these toys, there are a few things to be kept in mind. Every cat has different personal needs and preferences, so the selection procedure must be careful and meticulous.

  1. Prior to shopping for toys, play around with your cat free-hand in the house. Observe their manners and tendencies. If they are inclined more towards hanging off things and climbing things, you should ideally invest more in trees and posts. Note your cat’s responses to different objects in the house like cupboards, boxes, shelves, windows carpets etc and proceed with your shopping accordingly. You may even use small, handy objects to imitate mice and understand your cat’s reaction to chasing and running activities.
  2. Be careful with the quality of the toys bought. Toxic material or loose parts may accidently be swallowed by your pet while playing and result inmedical emergencies. Harmful fragrances may also be inhaled and hence it is important to make quality conscious choices.
  3. Timing is another significant component in play. Observe sleep and rest patterns of your cat and ensure that playtime is scheduled for when they are completely active, awake and refreshed. If made to play when they are burnt out, your cat may become entirely averse to playtime altogether which will lead to further health complications.
  4. Cats will find ways to invite you to play with them. If they call out to you loudly, bring their toys to you or tug at your clothes they are possibly asking for playtime to be initiated. These gestures are to convey their love and trust for you, so go ahead and join them in their fun!
  5. Finally, don’t hesitate to go all out while shopping for your cat’s toys. Spice up your purchase with as much variety in type, colour, shape and size as possible. Toys are a high reward investment and will prove indispensable in the long run.

Playtime is a crucial source of fun and amusement for your cat’s all-round well-being and it should not exert pressure or tension or induce anxiety in any way.

Sudden aggressive behaviour, anger, stress or abandonment during playtime is a clear sign of tiredness. This is your cat’s response to being over stimulated and it’s best at this point of time to cease playing. You can resume the activities at another time if you feel your cat has not had enough physical movement for the day.

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